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Massage Therapy

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Our onsite massage therapist, Micah Ranquist just passed through his one year anniversary of working collaboratively with Dr. Schmidt helping Brattleboro area folks with their pain issues. Micah trained at the Vermont Holistic School of Massage in the Swedish Circulatory modality and then continued his education to become a Medical Massage Therapist under the tutelage of Dr. Bryan Hawley.

What is Medical massage?
Medical massage therapy is a combination of a particular mindset and some advanced bodywork skills. Micah practices “evidence based massage” here.He brings a background in personal training along with with skills such as orthopedic testing into a style of bodywork that allows him to evaluate and focus on muscle disfunction with great success.

“Quality bodywork doesn’t need to be expensive; nor does is need to always take an hour or more to be effective.” Says Micah.

Micah is here at Riverbend Chiropractic helping Dr. Schmidts’ patients from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 pm. Every Tuesday and Friday, and every first and third Saturday of the month.