What is Chiropractic Instrument Adjusting (Activator or Impulse)?

Just as lasers have replaced scalpels in some surgeries, advanced technology has become available to chiropractors to assist in delivering chiropractic adjustments.

Your chiropractor and thousands of other doctors around the world now use the Activator and
Impulse Adjusting Instrument® in the care of their patients. This patented and FDA registered devices were specifically created to deliver gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments to the joints of the spine and extremities to relieve pain and restore function. The Impulse Adjusting Instrument® is controlled by micro-computer circuitry housed within the device that produces a controlled force that chiropractors can use to treat different areas of the body.

The Activator instrument has been evolving for 40 years.while the electric Impulse adjusting instrument is a newer instrument. Both instruments provide specific controlled low force approaches to adjusting the spine and extremities..

Our chiropractors use the instrument adjusting to provide this treatment rather than the traditional manual methods.

Adjusting instruments are high-tech.There is no popping or cracking with these adjustments, but rather very precise and targeted adjustments designed to specifically care for just the right areas.

Years of research have gone into the development of the adjusting Instruments to create gentle chiropractic adjustments that are safe and effective for patients of all ages.

Chiropractic Care Treats The Cause

Millions of Nerves travel throughout the human frame to control the function and physiology of your body. Spinal joints that are out of alignment or not moving properly can affect your health by irritating delicate spinal nerves. When irritated, these nerves alert your brain that something is wrong. Symptoms, including pain, are usually the result. Nerve signals are also sent to your muscles to stabilize and protect the area. You may feel stiff, sore, and tired. As opposed to taking pain masking drugs, which can be dangerous to your health, Chiropractic care seeks to locate the source of your symptoms and address the underlying cause, so the problem doesn’t keep recurring.

Your chiropractic doctor will consult with you about your health and perform a complete examination to identify your problem areas. You’ll be given a report of the doctor’s findings and an opportunity to have all of your questions answered. Chiropractic adjusting with the Impulse Adjusting Instrument® aims to restore your body’s balance and function to correct the underlying cause of your symptoms with treatments that are as painless as possible. Getting you back to feeling yourself again quickly and effectively are our primary goals.

What does it feel like? Chiropractic adjustments with the Impulse Adjusting Instrument® feel like a light tapping sensation on the area that is being treated. In most cases the treatment is painless and after the adjustment many patients feel relief of pain and improved mobility. Others report a sense of well-being or a soothing calm feeling. Of course, results vary from case to case and chronic conditions, inflammation or muscle spasms may delay these positive effects.

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